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Grisons is the largest and easternmost canton of Switzerland.
It borders on Liechtenstein to the north, Austria to the north and the east, Italy to the south and southeast, and the cantons of St. Gall to the north west, Canton of Glarus, Uri to the west, and Ticino to the south west. Most of the lands of the canton were once part of a Roman province called Raetia, which was established in 15 BC. The Historical Museum of the Canton of the Grisons, or Raetian Museum, is located in the House Buol in the Old Town of the cantonal capital Chur.

The baroque patrician residence was built 1675 by Baron Paul von Buol zu Strassberg und Rietberg (1634–1697). He belonged to the ruling classes of the Three Leagues. The interior of the building is accessible through wide flights of stairs. They connect the basement, the ground/ main floor, the passage for carriages, two stately upper floors, the quarters of the servants and the attic. Like in many other Swiss cantons, the founding of the museum was initiated in the waning 19th century by the increasing movement of cultural possessions.

The lawyer, historian and politician Peter Conradin von Planta-Zuoz (1815–1902) established a foundation for the benefit of a Grisons Museum for Science and Art. The museum opened to the public in the main floor of the House Buol on June 8, 1872. Initially, it held a library, a collection of antiquities and objects of natural history.

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